Diabetic Syringes for Sale

The Search for Insulin Syringes for Sale

People who have diabetes are aware of the high costs involved in maintaining and balancing their condition. They can spend a small fortune on their medication, equipment and diabetic insulin syringes in order to maintain their lives.

Insulin dependent diabetics can inject themselves with insulin from two or three times daily, and sometimes as many as six or seven times a day. To maintain their comfort levels when injecting and for their own peace of mind they need to be sure that their diabetic insulin syringes are of high quality, very reliable and manufactured under strict sterile conditions and regulation standards.

There are many types of diabetic insulin syringes available for use. Some come as prefilled insulin pens as prescribed by their health professional, while other patients are just prescribed a particular type or types of insulin which comes in vials. Then the diabetic patient will need to find diabetic syringes for sale and after trial and error they will find the syringe that is just right for their needs.

Depending on what dose of insulin you need to inject will greatly influence the size of the diabetic insulin syringe you will purchase. Diabetic insulin syringes for sale come in a range of sizes but it is personal preference as to the size you buy. You have to feel comfortable holding it and administering the medication generally one handed, as your other hand will be pinching your skin together at the injection site. Some diabetics may prefer a smaller syringe meaning the plunger is pulled out further and can be trickier to plunge down, while others may find it easier to manage a larger syringe meaning the syringe barrel will be fatter, therefore the plunger won’t be pulled out as far and may be easier for them to inject.

The majority of single doses of insulin will be under 0.5 millilitres or cubic centimetres per dose, with some doses even being as little as 0.1 millilitres or cubic centimetres. Diabetic insulin syringes can be purchased either separately as a syringe and a separate needle, both for single use only, or as a pre – made product ready assembled. Again for single use only and you need to ensure you dispose of the used product in an appropriate sharps disposal container. Online companies such as U.S Medical International have 0.5 ml/cc 31G x 5/16” diabetic syringes for sale. This is a smaller syringe where the barrel will be longer and skinny.

They also have 1ml /cc 31G x 5/16” diabetic syringes for sale, which will be slightly shorter than the 0.5 ml/cc syringe but the barrel will be fatter, and many diabetics will find this easier to manage and control their insulin administration with. All of these syringes come with very clear measurement scale markings in bold print on the side of the syringe barrel. This makes it much easier to accurately measure out the correct dose measurement.

0.5 ml/cc 31G x 5/16” diabetic insulin syringes can be purchased from U.S Medical International as a bulk purchase. They come in a box of 100 syringes or as a case load of 1000 syringes. The same can be said for the 1 ml/cc 31G x 5/16” diabetic insulin syringes. These are also available in bulk purchase from the same company. The can be purchased online in a box of 100 syringes or as a case of 1000 syringes. Keeping in mind the importance of these being disposable and single use only, the amount you need will depend on the number of times you need to inject yourself during the day. For some diabetics it can be as little as two injections per day and for others it can be five or more. If the patient is having a particularly bad day with their diabetes control they could need to use seven or eight syringes that day to regain control of their blood glucose levels.

Insulin syringes are designed, calculated and manufactured to provide the highest degree of comfort to all of their consumers and clients. They are manufactured under strict quality control, then sterilised and packaged under sterile conditions. This ensures that when they are used by their clients they are safe to use and the client does not need to worry about contaminants being inserted under their skin when they administer the insulin injections. The needles are bevel cut three times to ensure a superbly razor - sharp point. They are then electro – polished to remove any minute or microscopic burrs and finally coated in a film which allows for a much smoother injection. This is very important to the diabetic patient, as if you have to inject yourself multiple times each day you certainly want it to be a smooth and as painless experience as possible and not turn it into an experience that they will dread the thought of.

All the syringes made by U.S Medical International are sterile and packaged under sterile conditions. They are 100% latex free so they can safely be used and handled by people who have an allergy to latex. The tip of the syringe have luer lock tips which means the needle gets screwed onto the end of it and is automatically locked into place. Their syringes are also non toxic and non pyrogenic. Users need to remember that they are single use only and all needles need to be disposed of correctly and kept out of reach of children and animals. A suitable container should be used to store and dispose of used needles and syringes, one with a lid that is not easily removed. If needed these are available from your local pharmacy, and once the container is full you can return it to your pharmacy and they will safely dispose of it in the correct manner.

There are many reputable companies that manufacture disposable medical equipment and products. One popular company is U.S Medical International who are based in Florida but have a large on line customer base. Their company can be found online at www.usmedicalintl.com along with their contact details, and their friendly staff will be only too happy to answer any of your questions and provide assistance.


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