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The following is a short compilation of research around the internet involving various rules and procedures with using hypodermic needles for injections. Especially in such cases as diabetes where injections are most time performed outside of professional practitioner monitoring by the patient themselves. The following is not coming from a health care worker therefore only demonstrating rudimentary comprehension through paraphrasing information found on random sites (which may also be second hand protocol). 

Therefore the proceedings should only be taken into consideration lightly. Those dependent on injections should rely more on their own personal research as well as instructions provided by their health care providers.

When Natural Defense Mechanisms Need to Be Bypassed

For some injections, the routes taken through the body will in some instances by pass the body’s natural immunity and defense mechanisms. In such instances a more expensive serum is needed. One which has been more meticulously sterilized to prevent the introduction of microbial contaminants to parts of the body which are much easier to jeopardize or easily infectable – these risky alternate routes for serum injections are scientifically referred to, by the medicine industry, as 'parenteral'. It is important to also mention however that not all parenteral accesses require sterilized formulas.

Enteral routes of administration are areas where medications introduced will have the benefit of passing through gastrointestinal areas therefore the serums introduced will be cleansed and filtered naturally by the body. Parenteral are areas of administration where in introduced formulae won't benefit from the colons filtering procedures. Parenteral administered formulae is unfortunately harder to purge from the system if side effects prove detrimentally toxic. Aside from the extra effort taken to sterilize the formulae for use in parenteral routes they are also more expensive and require the time of a more specialized nurse or health professional to inject such serums.

However often at times the stomach acids can quickly degrade the integrity of some introduced drugs. Parenteral administrations also process the drugs faster thereby revealing side effects quicker. These should be administered while the patient is still under close monitoring in instances where doctors are not entirely confident of the outcome of any possible side effects. Finally some patients may not be accessible via enteral means if uncooperative or unconscious. And in all of these instances, even though more time consuming, expensive and harder to reverse, parenteral injections are considered an even safer procedure.

Gauges Small and Large

Hypodermic needles come in various sizes and the girths of the needles are rated by gauge. Depending on the patient requiring an injection, different sized gauges are applied mostly for avoiding discomfort due to penetration or lingering abrasive pain from the serum administered itself. Most standard, intramuscular, injections use a 21, 22 or 23 gauge needle which is 1 to 1.5 inches long. In instance that the patient is a child the chosen needle is usually restricted to ½ inch to 1 inch in length and the gauge is increased upwards to 27 millimeters. For concerned about the specifications, one should note that the higher the gauge size the thinner the girth of the needle. Obese patients often times require a longer needle to get past the pork and so therefore many times intramuscular needles can be as long as 2 inches.

Diabetes patients require a serum that is most effective subcutaneously, or rather just below the epidermis, where the connective tissue is much looser and not as saturated in blood vessels. The lack of vessels result in a slower absorption rate there for leaving the serum to linger longer where pain receptors are abundant. The much smaller gauge and length needles used by diabetes patients ensures a much more conservative dispensing of serum there by decreasing chance of irritation after administration. Typical insulin syringes range from 25 to 27 ml in gauge and 3/8 to 5/8 in length for both adults and children however some newer insulin serums like ‘Byetta’ require a much finer insulin syringe 31 gauge for sale.

When looking for the correct syringe and needle, it is often done by trial and error until the most suitable is found. Self injectors of medications such as insulin are looking for needles that easily penetrate and glide through the skin. The sharper the needle the more comfortable the injection will be into the skin, meaning less pain. The syringe itself needs to be easy to hold and manage when administering the injection. Especially as more often than not, the actual injection is administered one handed, as the patients other hand will be pinching upwards the area of skin to be injected.

The measurements on the barrel need to be easy and clear to read enabling correct dosage, and it needs to be easy to draw up and administer the insulin with a smooth plunger action. Overall quality and consistency of the syringes and needles are also very important when selecting your brand of needles and syringes. All the syringes made by U.S Medical International are sterile and packaged under sterile conditions. They are 100% latex free so they can safely be used and handled by people who have an allergy to latex. The tip of the syringe have luer lock tips which means the needle will be screwed onto the end of the device and is automatically locked into place. Their syringes are also nontoxic and non-pyrogenic.

For any patients reading you can find 1 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" diabetic insulin syringes and 1 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" insulin syringes for sale easily online from wholesale suppliers like Florida based U.S Medical International. This medical product manufacturing company, are readily available online for you to find insulin syringes for sale and other medical items you may need to stock your health care premises with. As discussed earlier, U.S Medical International are based in Florida but have a large on line customer base. Their company can be found online at along with their contact details, and their friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide assistance.


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