Managing Diabetes a Little Easier

If you are new to the world of diabetes, you may be feeling overwhelmed. For most people this diagnosis is life-changing, scary and confusing. In addition to lifestyle changes including more exercise and most always, serious dietary changes, you may have to give yourself insulin shots.

For most people, giving oneself injections is overwhelming between knowing how much insulin to take and actually poking the needle into the skin. While you are making changes to your lifestyle and emotionally coping with your new diagnosis, you shouldn’t have to worry about the little details.


Here are a few tips to making sure your diabetes doesn’t get the best of you:

Choose your syringe wisely: There are several sizes of syringes designed for diabetic use. The 0.5 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" insulin syringes for sale are one of the smallest available. The syringe is designed to hold 0.5 ml of insulin.

Additionally, you may need to consider 1 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" insulin syringes for sale. These are slightly bigger than the .05 ml/cc syringes. When you purchase syringes, choose the smallest size that will hold your largest dose of the day. For example: If you are prescribed three doses per day and your morning and afternoon doses are 25 ml, but your evening dose is 55 ml., you will need a 1ml syringe to accommodate your larger dosage.

Ideally, your syringe should be slightly bigger than your dosage to adjust for any increase.

You should also consider the style of syringe before you purchase. If your insulin dosage is measured in whole units (i.e., 10 ml) you should choose 1 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" diabetic syringes for sale marked with marks on the whole ml. (1,2,3). These markings are larger and are easier to read.

However, patients, particularly children, with doses that measure by half units (i.e., .5 ml) would need 0.5 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" diabetic insulin syringes with the markings at every half unit. This reduces the risk of error when measuring the precise doses.


Save money: Diabetes is a life-long diagnoses for more patients. Because you will likely need insulin injections indefinitely, you should consider purchasing insulin syringes wholesale. Purchasing 1 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" insulin syringes wholesale, will cut down on the cost significantly.

While you are adjusting to your new dosage, use caution when purchasing 0.5 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" insulin syringes wholesale. Your dosage could increase as the doctor monitors your insulin levels which may require a larger syringe. Purchasing these items wholesale will save you money whether you need to use a smaller or larger syringe.


Use caution: Diabetes is a result of high or low levels of insulin in the body. The dosage your doctor prescribed is precise. The dosage is the right amount to level off your insulin levels so that your body can process glucose properly. When using 1 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" diabetic insulin syringes, pay very close attention to your measurements as too much or too little insulin can be dangerous.

Initially it is very easy to make mistakes with your injections. Take your time filling your wholesale 0.5 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" insulin syringes. Double check your measurements before injecting the insulin. Too much insulin could cause an overdose.


Inject yourself correctly:  When you use your wholesale 1 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" insulin syringes to take your daily dosage, there are a few ways to make sure your injections are less painful and more effective:


Always check the insulin vile: Before using insulin, check your bottle to make sure the insulin hasn’t expired. If your insulin is cloudy, roll the container in your hands until it clears. Do not shake your insulin.


Proper technique: Pull back on the plunger of your syringe and take in air up to the level of your dosage. Insert the needle into the top of the insulin bottle and push down on the plunger. Adding air to the insulin makes it easier to draw medication.


Turn the bottle upside down and slowly draw your plunger down, filling the syringe with a little more than your dosage. Check the syringe for air bubbles and tap the syringe to expel air bubbles. Squeeze syringe until the excess medication is back in the insulin container. Double check to ensure the dosage is correct before injection.

It is important to remove air bubbles from your syringe so that you can have an accurate reading on your dosage. Air bubbles won’t hurt you, but will make it difficult to get your dosage level correct.


Mind your injections: Make sure you injection is deep enough to allow insulin to quickly access your blood stream, but not deep enough to hit muscle, which is more painful.

After you purchase your 0.5 ml/cc 31G x 5/16" diabetic syringes for sale, make sure to choose the right needle size. For most patients an 8mm is ideal. For children or extremely athletic individuals a 5mm has a smaller needle, the shorter length keeps the needle away from muscle. Patients who have dexterity issues or take larger doses of insulin should consider the 12.7 mm.


US Medical Intl. provides a variety of insulin syringes for wholesale. We know that adjusting to diabetes can be difficult. You can make the transition a little easier and cheaper, by purchasing your syringes whole sale. We offer different order sizes, ranging from 100 per box to 1000, so that you can find an order to fit your budget. For more information, contact a US Medical Intl., customer service agent.



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